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The island and the surrounding water host a diverse range of wildlife. The flora ranges from coastal plants like Sea Pinks, to heathland varieties such as Heather and Tormental. On the island you may see Voles, Pine Marten, Rock and Meadow Pipits, while in the water around, Shags and Cormorants are regularly seen feeding, and Eider Ducks have appeared in large numbers. Porpoises and both Harbour and Grey Seals are visitors, not to mention the resident Otter's!

The resident Otter's make the island a very special place

For an insight into the huge variety of wildlife that visits this area, read from the Friends of Eilean Bàn newsletter. So if you would like to keep up to date on the comings and goings, and support the Trust at the same time, why not become a member!

Otter photo by Teresa Edwards "...Otters are still very much present and Seals and Porpoises can be seen on the neighbouring islands. There is evidence of Pine Martens visiting the island" and "this year there was a large Vole population which was a good source of food for the Pine Martens. In the autumn Pine Martens have been feeding on the Rowan berries."

"The rich diversity of bird species includes Gulls, Shags, Wrens, Herons, Pipits, Oystercatchers and Kittiwakes. After a year absence, Eider Ducks have returned to the area and Pipistrelle bats have been sighted flying under the bridge."

"There are changes in the wildlife throughout the year. In the winter, Oystercatchers and Herons are regulars around the island, but are seen less often during the summer when they may be breeding elsewhere. In the summer Stonechats and Meadow and Rock Pipits appear. This year the Rock Pipits nested under the bridge itself, making use of the large area on top of the bridge legs."