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Fiona Tough, April 2001

My name is Fiona and I have been working with the Trust as a volunteer over the Easter holidays. I am currently studying Conservation and Countryside Recreation at Elmwood College in Fife.

During my stay I have produced a habitat survey of the island. This has been completed in accordance with the Phase 1 Habitat Guidelines produced by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. It is important to have this survey as it gives an immediate picture of the habitats on the island. It can also be updated in the future to reflect any changes on the island.

I have also been doing some maintenance around the island. This has given me valuable experience and also great satisfaction at the end of each day to know that I have done something constructive.

I have really enjoyed my stay on the island and will be sad to leave. I have met many great people here. I would like to thank the Trust for letting me volunteer: I would recommend it to anyone! I would also like to thank Simon (the Warden during Fiona's stay) for his help, along with Duncan, Marcus, Caroline and Nuala for their hospitality and friendship.

Hope to see you all again soon,