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Target Notes by Fiona Tough: April 2001
  1. This sea wall was created using debris from the construction of the bridge.
  2. This area had been stripped of its natural vegetation during the construction of the bridge. It has since been re-planted with grasses, vetches, clover and scattered patches of heather. In time this area should return to being coastal heathland.
  3. This area has recently been sown with grass seed. Therefore this habitat will change over the next few months.
  4. This area was created during the construction of the bridge. Eilean Bàn is now joined to Eilean Dubh by this new stretch of land.
  5. This small area of grassland is popular with Otters and disturbance in this area should be avoided at all costs.
Surveys are important to give an immediate picture of the islands habitats key to map