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Habitat Survey by Fiona Tough - April 2001

This habitat survey is based on the Phase 1 habitat survey technique as outlined by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

The method of marking target notes on the map has had to be changed for this particular survey. The normal procedure is to produce target notes for any areas of interest and mark a symbol on the map where these areas occur. The target notes are filed according to the map reference of the area they describe. As the island is so small on the ordnance survey map, it was impossible to use this method. The target notes have been produced and numbered 1-5, and a simple asterisk has been added to the map with the corresponding number of the target note, which refers to the area.


The nature of the target notes has also been simplified. The notes produced only contain a small amount of information which refers to the target area. Everything else has been done in accordance with the Phase 1 habitat survey technique.

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Surveys are important to   give an immediate picture of the islands habitats key to map