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These sightings have been recorded by visitors staying in the cottage or on a guided tour.


August Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
2/8/19 06:00 From the Hide Seals [20], 10 Mins. Basking on the Skerrries, one swimming and a pup with its mother.
13/8/19 10:50 From the Hide Seals [20], 45 Mins. Basking on the Skerries and swimming.
24/8/19 16:00 From the Hide Seals [25], 10 Mins. On the Skerries.
26/8/19 15:40 From the Hide Seals [26], 15 Mins. Lying on the skerries.


July Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
2/7/19 15:30 From the Hide Seals [5], 10 Mins. I drew a picture.
5/7/19 11:09 From the Hide Seals [20], 30 Mins. On the Skerries.
9/7/19 15:50 From the Hide Otters [4], 10 Mins. Mother & cubs on rocks below hide.
10/9/19 09:30 Track above Tool shed Otter, 20 Mins. Followed him toward the hide.
12/7/19 10:20 Path below Hide Otters [3], 10 Mins. Saw 3 cubs on the rocks below the hide.
10:50 Seals [23], 30 Mins. On the Skerry to the right of the hide.


June Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
8/6/19 17:00 From the Hide Seal, 5 Mins. He was just playing around. Wee cute face! Kalie.
15/6/19 11:00 From The Hide Maintenance vessle, 10 Mins. Bouy Maintenance Vessle attending to the furthest Green Bouy.
19/6/19 PM From the Hide Seals [3], 30 Mins. Basking on the Skerries.
21/6/19 14:00 Front of Cottage Otters [2], 15 Mins. Swimming in the bay infront of the Cottage.


May Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
5/9/19 15:00 From the Hide Shags [12], 10 Mins. Drying wings on the far Skerry, also saw Oyster Catchers and Herons.


April Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
16/4/19 13:30 From the Hide Seals [8], 10 Mins. 2 Swimming & 6 Basking in the sun.


March Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
8/3/19 Various All Over Cormorant/Shag/Heron, 10 Mins. In my 3 weeks I rambled the island at least once a day.
31/3/19 Various All Over Cormorant/Thrush/Sparrow/Crow/Seals/Rock-Pipit/Heron/Oyster Catchers /Blue Tit/ Chaffinch/Curlew/Dunnock. Beautiful, Amazing Tranquil week.


January Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
4/1/19 14:30 From the Hide Otter, 5 Mins. Swam to the shore with something in it's mouth.
3/1/19 10:13 By the Lighthouse Otter, 2 Mins, Swam under the bridge, then lost sight of it.
1/1/19 14:30 From the bridge Otter,13 Mins, Swimming and Diving under the bridge, then heading for the hide.