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These sightings have been recorded by visitors staying in the cottage or on a guided tour.


December Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
15/12/18 10:40 From the Hide Great Northern Diver, 20 Mins. Feeding 20m from shore had 2 big fish.
14/12/18 10:30 From the Hide Otter, 20 Mins, Feeding 30m from shore, swam towards Skerries.


October Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
31/10/18 13;30 From the Hide Gulls [6], 15 Mins. Sitting on the Skerries.

From the Hide Cormorants[9], 15 Mins. Sitting on the Skerries.
25/10/18 09:45 On the bridge Otter, 30 Mins. Swimming close to the rocks beyond the entrance to the island.
12/10/18 16:30 Seat by Teko's Memorial Otter, 10 Mins. Swimming close to shore, occasionally came ashore.


August Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
10/8/18 11:50 From the Hide Seals [6], 10 Mins. Basking on the middle Skerries.


July Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
31/7/18 08:30 Lighthouse Otter. 10 Secs. Dived once, then was out of sight.
28/7/18 11:30 From the Hide Shags [20], 5 Mins. Drying wings on the far Skerries.
17/7/18 15:00 From the Hide Seal, 10 Mins. Appeared Black, probably just wet.
13/7/18 18:10 From the Hide Shag, 1 Min. Fishing!.
9/7/18 04:50 Near Lighthouse Oyster catchers [5], 30 Mins. 3 Adults and 2 Chicks.
8/7/18 08:45 From the Hide Otters [3], 45 Mins. Three young otters in the bay.


June Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
5/6/18 11:30 From the Hide Seals [5], 5 Mins. Basking, was cloudy & grey but could see them clearly.
2/6/18 10:45 From the Hide Seals [5], 5 Mins. Trying to pretend the tide was not coming in.


May Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
31/5/18 15:30 From the Hide Seals [2],  Low tide, also at cottage Voles, Meadow Pipit and Dunlin.
26/5/18 15:40 From the Hide Black Backed Gull. During our visit we also saw a family of Otters playing by the low bridge on the way to Kyle.

From the Hide Seals [10], 20 Mins. Basking, also Cormorants and Shags.
19/5/18 10:30 By the Gate Voles [2], 3 Mins. Pair running around and feeding, quite unafraid.

12:30 By the Gate Voles [2], 30 Mins. Running around and feeding while I was working on the gate lock, quite unconcerned.
12/5/18 11:20 From the Hide Seals [5], 5 Mins. Probably pups, basking on the skerries.
7/5/18 09:00 By the Lighthouse Otters [3], 30 Mins. Playing under the bridge. Watched as they swam around the island, play-fighting, diving & scrambling on the rocks - magical. Thank you so much, its been Heaven!
5/5/18 17:00 From the Hide Seals [5], 20 Mins. Basking on the Skerries opposite.
5/5/18 07:15 Near Lighthouse Oyster Catchers [2], 5 Mins. Posing on big rock again.
14:30 Hide Door Vole, 5 Secs. Ran in front of door as I was about to unock it.
4/5/18 09:30 From the Hide Eider ? [2], 5 Secs. Near Skerries on water, 1 B/W, 1 Brown. Too far to be sure.
Lunch time By Lighthouse Oyster catchers [2], 5 Secs. These seem to be posing on the big rock.
Hoodie, 10 Secs. Crow, Not Thug.
Evening Outside Cottage Heron, 10 Secs. Flying L - R towards bridge.
3/5/18 08:15 Near Lighthouse Oyster catchers [2], Mins. Saw two yesterday as well on big rock by Lighthouse.
2/5/18 07:30 Near Lighthouse Oyster catcher, Mins. On large rock near Lighthouse.
08:15 On Path to Hide Vole, 5 Secs. Shot across path.
08:30 From the Hide Seals [10], 10 Mins. Bobbing in the water. The minute I opened door to leave they all vanished.
Lunch time From the Hide Seals [23], 15 mins. 15pups on lee Skerry, 3 on small Skerry, 5 swimming.
On Path to Hide Vole, 10 secs. Same place near hide, slower this time.
Heron, 10 Secs. On large Skerry near seals.
15:00 Bench infont of Cottage Heron, 5 Secs. Flew along shore L- R.
18:00 From the Hide Seals [10], 30 Mins. Heads bobbing near Skerries, thrashing & jumping in water.
19:00 Near Lighthouse Cormorant, 5 Mins. Tail looked very straggly! on rock near Lihjthouse.


April Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
30/4/18 AM From the Hide Seals [7+], Saw shine on coat against rocks..

Near Lighthouse Shag, On small rock near the Lighthouse.
29/4/18 AM Path near Hide Seal, On the Skerry, it called out otherwise I would not have seen it.
26/4/18 08:00 From the Hide Seals [lots], 10-20 Mins. Basking on the Skerries.
14/4/18 20:30 From the Hide

Porpoises [lots], 10-20 Mins. To the NW beyond the Skerries, Jumping.

6/4/18 14:30 Front of Cottage Otters, [3] 10 Mins. Mother and cubs between the bay in front of the cottage and the Lighthouse..


March Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
24/3/18 Var Front of Cottage Otters [3], Mother & Cubs, Mother caught a large fish. Cubs playing in water.
to Var From the Hide Otter, Big Dog Otter on the Skerries.
31/3/18 Var ? Porpoises [3].
17/3/18 10:40 From the Hide Eider Duck [20+], 10 Mins. Raft of Eider drifting between the buoys.